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Work With Me...

Choose the package that is right for you.
Whether you are looking for a deep soul session
to reclaim your clarity and passion,
or  you need a sounding board to jumpstart
the next step in your life,
I have just the thing for you...

Self clarity 'vision' package

get clear on the life you want.



Vision. A seeker of personal growth. Self uniqueness, personal truth, finding the inner spark. 
Being loud and proud. Raw feelings, RAW emotions. Having willpower and courage. Being individual. 


dive deep into yourself to reveal the life you truly want,
looking inwards for answers and direction.
you’ll start to make fearless and brave decisions about YOU!
and we’ll set action steps to deliver what you want to achieve.

at the end of the three months, you’ll have conquered
limiting beliefs and the negative voice in your head,
 opened up into your true authentic self,
and started living the way you want to feel.


INVESTMENT: $250 per month or $750 upfront.

Two x one hour coaching sessions per month for three months
+ a journal + unlimited emails (inc. GST)




Transformation. Shedding of the past. Following the path to transformation.
Shedding layers of unhelpful habits, patterns of thinking and old beliefs.
Looking for bigger and better things. Seeking light.


let’s go deep, deep into you!
let’s find clarity, passion and direction.
let’s make it happen together.
limitless boundaries, fearless and mindful
decisions with direction.
let’s make life fun, let’s have fun.

at the end of the six months, you’ll have gotten on top of
your limiting beliefs, learnt how to tackle and take on fear,
explored the way you want your life to feel,
defined your ideal day, and
created action steps to hit and achieve goals.


INVESTMENT: $240 per month or $1,440 upfront.

INCLUDES: two x one hour coaching sessions per month for six months
+ unlimited emails + journal + worksheets (inc. gst)

worked with me before?

power soul 'trust' session




Trust, trust in yourself. Vulnerability being the most direct path to growth.
Curiosity of who you are and where you are in life, working in your inner self.
Exploring new challenges to help growth. Setting personal goals.


we’ve worked together before
and you’re looking to get clarity,
brainstorm or need a
soul session to nut out a situation.

a power soul session is for you.

i’ll help you to be brave to trust in yourself
and to think outside the square to help you evolve.
I can also help you set the goals and action
steps needed to continue on the path towards
growth whether that is in a project or self.



INCLUDES: One x 90 minute coaching session
+ Summary Email + worksheets (inc. GST)

worked with me before?




Longevity. Achieving greatness by taking one step at a time. Staying grounded.
Taking time to look around and within. Determination.
Emotional strength. Becoming stronger and more powerful.


three coaching sessions in one month.

we’ve worked together before and you’re looking for a bigger push.
you need an accountability cheerleader to help
you really take the next big step and make these changes last.

a month balancing package is for you.

i’ll help you relight the fire inside whether that’s in
a project you’re working on or if it’s you you’re working on.
we realign with YOU, staying grounded and strong
while building long-term foundations
to help you stay grounded.



INCLUDES: Three x 45 min coaching sessions in one month
+ 2 follow up emails + journal + worksheets (inc. GST)