you’ve been feeling a shift for a while now, 

strong feelings that life could be better.

i hear you.

i’ve been there too and i want to help you move
past the brick wall you keep walking into.

it’s time to remember who you really are
and who you want to be.


it’s time to come back to you.


i’m cazz lemessurier and i’m a soul-hearted coach
to people, like you, wanting their life to be
truly full, passionate, and fulfilling.

i believe we all have the right to live the life we want
and most of the time it is our own self that is stopping us.

i also believe…



more than anything, i believe all this for you too.

what brings me here

i always knew i was going to help people, but i didn’t know
what shape or form that would take. as i moved through life
i kept coming across a feeling of wanting more so i would
try new things, but i knew i was holding myself back.

as i kept bumping into road blocks, including
a sudden relationship breakup, i decided that enough was
enough. if i wanted to go where i wanted to go in life,
i had to take action.

this is where my journey to unravel who i am and how to
stand tall and be brave about who i am started. i began
learning about the ego and the power it has over our everyday
lives. i looked into how our past experiences affect the way
we live today.

i soon realised how much i listened to the outside world, how
it was fuelling the negative voice inside my head, and how i
sought other people’s permission to run my life. i spent so
much time caring about what others thought of me, what the
negative voice inside my head thought of me, or what others
and 'negative me' thought i should do, be, and live out my life,
that i had forgotten to listen to me!

sound familiar?


what i discovered

the moment i realised i’d been listening to and following other
people, living in the norm and not being who i am, it became
very clear that is why i kept bumping into road blocks. it was the
universe saying ‘no, stop doing this!’

everything changes when you take the time to honour yourself
and explore who you are. you come to terms with these self-limiting
beliefs and the voice inside your head, and realise the choices
that you have in every moment are endless.

once i started looking into the light with a different perspective,
i started to see life in a different way. i wanted to walk into my
future with my true self, light-hearted, giggling, and smiling. i wanted
each day to be fresh and clear as to where i wanted to go.


becoming a coach

after visiting a coach myself, i knew this is what i was meant to
be doing. over the course of the coaching everything started to
fall into place. i felt like i could openly be me and that i was
more than enough.

i knew then that i wanted to help others to see themselves and
that they too can 100 per cent live the life they want. i studied
to be a life coach with beautiful you coaching academy and
graduated in 2015.

today, my life is very different.

yours can be different too. are you ready to come back to you?


more about my life today

when i’m not helping others come back to themselves, you can
find me at the beach, doing yoga, reading a good book, drinking
a good cold-pressed juice or spending quality time with friends
and family... you know the simple things that make life sweet.